The Leisure & Amenities Meeting scheduled for June 25th has been cancelled. Business that would normally be conducted at that meeting will now be incorporated into the Full Council meeting on July 2nd.


Discuss the latest development proposals

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held this Thursday (May 21st 2015) at the Sports Pavilion.

In light of the recent proposals by Gladman Developments Ltd, there will be an open forum on development in Caldecote.

Residents are encouraged to attend and let the Parish Council know their views as a response to this most recent announcement is formulated.

Hit the button below for the agenda.


Proposals for up to 125 more homes

Gladman Developments Ltd have today written to the Parish Council outlining proposals for a new development of approximately 125 family homes in Highfields Caldecote. The Parish Council were unaware of these proposals before today.

The proposals are initial, and not yet at the application stage. The proposals comprise up to 125 dwellings, including up to 40% affordable dwellings, with around 30% of the site devoted to open space

The developers have informed the Parish Council that they have written to approximately 625 households in the village with details of the proposals, and these letters are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.(15/05/15)

The developers have set up a dedicated website with the aim in mind of gathering feedback from the residents of Caldecote. You can visit the site at

These proposals will be discussed at the next relevant Parish Council Meeting.


Councillor Vacancy

A vacancy for one Parish Councillor has arisen.

residents have until 29th May to call a bye-election. If no election is called the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

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Community Notice

A message from Colin Fotland - Caldecote Village Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

Subject: WARNING Caldecote Village - Incidents of Damage to Car Tyres.

After discovering that Caldecote village residents had become victim to fourteen car tyre damage incidents between February and May 2014, with screws, roofing bolts and nails being embedded in car tyres, it was hoped that following a lull in this type of activity that the problem had ended.

Sadly this wasn't the case and it now seems to be escalating again and heading towards epidemic proportion, with the latest incident becoming ever more dangerous, when a woman driving on the M11 and overtaking a lorry recently, almost lost control of the car and narrowly avoided an accident, caused by a nail having been inserted in one of her car tyres.

I would now urge all Caldecote village drivers to be extra vigilant and to make a point of checking all of their vehicle tyres on a regular basis, before setting off on any journey, until such time as these incidents have been eradicated, because your personal safety could depend on this.

If you discover anything suspicious when checking vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact me, Colin Fotland, Caldecote Village Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, on telephone number 01954 - 210042 (Home), 07976 - 430681 (Mobile) or e-mail at at any time, as I am closely monitoring this situation and will advise you personally on the best course of action in respect of calling the 101 telephone number and requesting either a Crime Number or an Incident number, depending on the circumstances.

NB. This must be at the time of the incident or very soon afterwards.

In addition, if you have any suspicions or ideas of who is, or who could be involved in damaging car tyres in this manner, please get in touch with me at any of the contact details above.


April 2nd Meeting postponed

The Parish Council meeting scheduled for April 2nd 2015 has been postponed and will now take place on April 9th


Volunteer Needed

A vacancy has arisen for a vounteer editor to help produce the Caldecote Journal.

Access to a PC and basic knowledge of Microsoft Word needed.

If you can spare a few hours a month to help, please hit the button below and contact the editors.


Survey in Progress

Surveying works are currently ongoing to assess and identify any issues with the awarded watercourse in Highfields Rd. Please see the attached letter from Cllr M Dart for further information


Waiting Restrictions Consultation

The Parish Council is consulting on proposals to implement waiting restrictions outside Caldecote Primary School.

The Consultation runs until 16th Jan 2015.

Please take a few minutes to make your views known by completing our survey - hit the button below.

Hard copies of the consultation document and response form will be available from the Social Club and the Village Hall.


Leisure & Amenities Committee

The Meeting of the Leisure & Amenities Committee on 6th Nov has been cancelled. The Meeting of the Full Council on the same day will proceed as scheduled


Councillor Vacancies

Co-option is the process of existing Councillors appointing a new Councillor from a pool of applicants.

After statutory advertising, the vacancy caused by the resignation of Cllr Brown is now subject to filling via co-option. If you are a community spirited individual who would like to become a Parish Councillor for Caldecote then apply below.

The deadline for applications in respect of this vacancy is 31st October 2014.

The Co-option will take place at the meeting of the Full Council on 6th Nov 2014. For further details, please contact the Parish Clerk

Hit the button below to download an application pack.


Councillor Vacancy

A further vacancy for one Parish Councillor has arisen.

residents have until 14th October to call a bye-election. If no election is called the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Hit the button below for further details.


Councillor Vacancy

A vacancy for one Parish Councillor has arisen.

residents have until 25th September to call a bye-election. If no election is called the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Hit the button below for further details.


Annual Report Published

The Annual Report for financial year 2013 / 2014 has now been published.

Hit the button below to download it.


2013/2014 Audit Report

The internal audit for financial year 2013/2014 is now formally completed and the auditors report has been received.

Hit the button below to download the report.


Development Proposals for Caldecote

Banner Homes have submitted proposals for a new development of 60 dwellings in Highfields Caldecote.

The proposals are at the pre-application stage, and comprise 60 dwellings, including 20 affordable dwellings and 2 self build / custom plots, open space, and a dedicated 24 space car park for the school. The Main vehicular access would be from Blythe Way, with an emergency vehicle and pedestrian / cycle only access from Highfields Rd. The proposed development would make significant contributions via an S106 agreement towards affordable housing, education, highway and transport infrastructure, community facilities, and drainage.

Click the Pic below to download a full-size plan

Agents from Banner Homes will be in attendance at the meeting of the Parish Council on 3rd July 2014 to answer questions, and a public exhibition is planned for later in the year where local residents can express opinions prior to the submission of any planning application.

The Plans are accompanied by a briefing pack which sets out the historical situation and provides further details. Hit the button below to download it.


Calendar Updates

The Calendar of Meetings for 2014 / 2015 has been updated to include meetings of the newly formed Leisure & Amenities Committee. Hit the button below to download it.


Parish Elections 2014

The returning officer at South Cambs District Council has published a notice of uncontested election for Caldecote. The New Council will take office on May 27th 2014


A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme

The Highways agency are conducting a public consultation on the proposed A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon scheme.

The consultation runs between 7th April 2014 and 15th June 2014.

Details of the proposed changes can be found on The Highways Agency Website and there is an online questionnaire for members of the public to complete.

The proposed scheme extends from the existing A14 at Ellington to the Cambridge Northern Bypass at Milton. Details include:

  • New Bypass to the south of Huntingdon.
  • Carriageway widening on the existing A14 between Swavesy and Girton.
  • Improvements to the Cambridge Northern Bypass.
  • Junction Improvements.
  • Widening of a section of the A1 trunk road between Brampton and Alconbury.


Parish Council Up For Election

2014 is an ordinary election year for Caldecote Parish Council. Ordinary elections come around once every 4 years, and all nine of the Parish Council seats will be up for election.

Polling day will be on May 22nd 2014 (the same day as European Parliamentary and District Council elections).If you are interested in standing for election please contact the Parish Clerk and ask for a nomination pack. Nomination packs are also available from South Cambs District Council offices in Cambourne.

Below is a brief rundown on the timeline of events and a short FAQ.

Timetable of Proceedings for Thurs 22nd May 2014
Publication of Notice of Election   Mon April 14th 2014
First Date for Submission of Nominations   Mon April 14th 2014
Last Date for Submission of Nominations   4:00 pm Thurs April 24th 2014
Last Date for Withdrawal of Candidates   4:00 pm Thurs April 24th 2014
Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated   4:00 pm Fri April 25th 2014
Last Date for Registration to Vote   Weds 7th May 2014
Publication of Notice of Poll   Weds 14th May 2014
Day of Poll   Thurs 22nd May 2014


Q: Why should I stand for election?
If you are the type of person who is passionate about the village you live in, wants to see tax-payers money spent responsibly, cares about future development and facilities, and wants to try and make a real difference to the community that your Council represents, then you should consider standing.

Q: How do I stand for election?
You must be nominated by two people who are both on the electoral register for Caldecote.

Q: Are there any qualifications I must meet if I want to stand for election?
Yes. You must be over 18, a citizen of the EU, Commonwealth or R.O.I, and be on the register of electors for Caldecote or have lived, or worked in the Parish for 12 months preceding your nomination.

Q: How much time will I have to spend attending to duties if I am elected?
As much as you want, but around 10 hours per month is normal.

Q: Will I have to attend Parish Council meetings?
Yes. You will be an elected member of a local authority not a volunteer, and as such you are summoned to meetings, not invited to them.

Q: Do Parish Councillors get paid?

Q: Do Parish Councillors get an allowance?

Q: How will being a Parish Councillor fit around my work?
Meetings are in the evenings. Additionally your employer is obliged by law to give you time off to attend them.

If you wish further information about being a Parish Councillor or just want a chat, please feel free to contact the Parish Clerk.


Precept information published for Parishes

Details of the 2014/2015 Parish Precept for all Parishes in the district have now been published.

Of the 101 Parishes in the list, 10 of them, including Caldecote, have reduced their Parish Precept for the forthcoming financial year. At 12.5%, Caldecote's reduction is the largest.

Hit the button below to download the list.


Committee Meetings 20th Feb 2014

Due to no matters arising, the meetings of the Planning and Traffic Committees scheduled for Feb 20th 2014 will now not take place.

The New Calendar of Meetings for 2014 / 2015 has now been published. Hit the button below to download it.


Christmas Waste and Recycling Dates

Friday 27th December collection will be three days late on Monday 30th December.

Friday 3rd January collection will be three days late on Monday 6th January.

Friday 10th January collection will be one day late on Saturday 11th January.

Hit the button below to download a printable calendar of collection dates for the first part of the year.


Notice of meeting

The meeting of the Finance & Policy Committee on December 19th will be considering the next revision of the draft budget for financial year 2014 / 2015.

Members of the public are welcome to attend. 8 pm in the Sports Pavilion. You can download the agenda and supporting documents from the meetings page or just hit the button below.

The Budget and precept are due to be finalised at the next meeting of the full council on Jan 9th 2014 and consequently may undergo further revision before then.


Nominate Your Local Hero

Please see South Cambs District Council website for details of how you can nominate someone in your community for an award



We have recieved a short update from Annette Thorpe, BT regional partnership director for the east of England on the BT Infinity position in Caldecote.

'Our engineers will be on the ground in Caldecote conducting further engineering activity over the next two weeks. We would expect the majority of customers currently without service to be able to place orders in December. A small number of customers who will be served by overhead fibre may receive service early in the new year, but we are making every effort to connect residents as rapidly as possible’


New Parish Councillor

At the meeting of the Parish Council on 7th November 2013, Helen Cartwright was co-opted onto the Parish Council. Congratulations go to Councillor Cartwright on her appointment


Local Plan consultation responses

The Consultation period on the Local Plan ended on Monday 14th October.

The Parish Council's responses to the consultation have now been delivered to the district council, including a joint Parish letter of opposition to the proposed development on Bourn Airfield which was signed by the Chairmen of eight Parish Councils.

You can download the entire response packeage by hitting the button below.


Co-option of a Parish Councillor

Following the resignation of Fiona Whelan there is a vacancy on Caldecote Parish Council. As an election has not been called the vacancy will be filled by Co-option.

For further information and an application form please contact the Parish Clerk on 07456 325327 or hit the button below to email. All applications must be received by noon on Friday 25th October 2013.

The Co-option will take place during the Parish Council meeting on 7th November 2013.


Suggested planning conditions

Some suggested planning conditions for the proposed new premises should it be approved have been received. The Parish Council would be keen to hear resident's views on them

Hit the button below to download them.


Affordable Housing Survey Results

The results of the affordable housing survey recently conducted in Caldecote by Cambs ACRE on behalf of the Parish Council are now available.

To summarise, the survey has identified a need for around six additional households. It seems possible that the need might be satisfied in one of the proposed developments, such as on the Airfield, although that is many years in the future should it go ahead at all, or as part of any new infill developments.

The results of the Survey will be discussed at the next full council meeting on Sept 5th 2013.

Hit the button below to download the full report.


Join the Parish Council Mailing List

At its last meeting the PC advertised the creation of a new ‘opt-in’ e-mailing list that aims to keep residents informed on a timely basis with regard to village developments.

To join, all residents need do is send a mail to the Parish Clerk with the subject line MAILING LIST.

Hit the button below to sign up.